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Premier Staffing Solution: Your Experts in Just-In-Time Staffing Solutions.

At Premier Staffing Solution, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our impressive track record. We boast a 95% client satisfaction rate, with an average placement time of just 48 hours. Each year, we achieve over 1,000 successful placements, helping 80% of our clients experience increased operational efficiency. Furthermore, 90% of our placed candidates consistently exceed performance expectations, proving that Premier Staffing Solution is the trusted partner for your contingent staffing services.

Why Choose Premier Staffing Solution for Your Staffing Needs?

  • - Immediate access to a pool of skilled professionals
  • - Tailored staffing solutions for temporary, contract, and permanent roles
  • - Industry-specific expertise to meet your unique requirements
  • - Streamlined hiring process for quick and effective placements
  • - Commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction

Tailored Staffing Programs for your success


JITS Light

Recruiting from the local area for general or entry-level workers Temp-to-permanent FTE option Quick results (under 10 days)


JITS Medium

Broad geographic sourcing from our strong talent pool General or entry-level workers Quick results (under 5 days)


JITS Heavy

Broad geographic recruiting and strong talent pool sourcing Skilled trade workers Quick deployment (under 5 days)

Committed to your industry success




Industrial Manufacturing








Premier staffing is the solution when timing and talent are critical.


Just-in-Time Staffing

Unexpected project deadlines, employee vacations, or sudden staff shortages can disrupt your workflow. Premier Staffing Solutions' just-in-time staffing service is your safety net. We quickly identify and deploy qualified temporary workers to bridge staffing gaps and ensure smooth project execution.

  • . Immediate Response: Fill open positions with qualified talent in hours or days. 
  • . Reduced Downtime: Minimize disruptions and maintain productivity during unexpected staffing challenges. 
  • . Flexibility: Scale your workforce up or down as needed, ensuring you have the right talent at the right time. 
  • . Cost-Effectiveness: Pay only for the time and expertise you require. 

How can we help your business? 

Gain a competitive edge. Our innovative technology and extensive network enable the quick and efficient delivery of the most qualified candidates for your organization.


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