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Staff Augmentation

Experience the power!

5-7x more temporary workers for your staffing needs

With our AI driven candidate search and matching system, we deliver a reliable flow of quality candidates for your open temporary positions


Looking for a long-term flexible staffing solution?

Our operations staffing agency recognized that the traditional staffing model cannot bring the number of candidates needed in the current business environment.

This led to the Eureka moment! We developed a system that finds workers beyond the regular talent pool on job boards. Our AI powered platform scans numerous public and private profiles to find prospects outside the general talent pool.

The AI Powered System


Eureka, our proprietary sourcing platform, accelerates the candidate information capturing process.


Advanced pre-screening questions developed by industry experts produces better candidates.


AI powered system that captures 5 times more passive candidates than active job seekers.

  • 5 to 7 times more qualified candidates than job boards alone

  • Reliable candidate flow even in small towns and remote locations

  • Better temp-to-perm results than industry standards
Too many dudes

Top Industries Served














Industrial Goods


Government and Defense



Additional Services

Get dependable talent for your business - Quickly and efficiently.
  • Emergency and crisis staffing
  • Contingent staffing
  • Direct placements

How can we help your business? 

Gain a competitive edge with our proprietary database, innovative technology, and extensive network, which helps Premier deliver the most qualified candidates for your organization quickly and efficiently.