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Case Study: Staffing for Accelerated Distribution Center Launch


  • Urgent customer need to set up distribution center in 2 weeks

  • Distribution center had specific requirements including:
    • 11 loading doors
    • 14 staging lanes
    • 8 unloading doors

  • Initial request was for forklift drivers, but client realized complex task demanded experienced materials and warehousing experts 


  • Assigned two seasoned team leaders to the project
    • One expert held Lean Six Sigma Black Belt credentials and a track record of optimizing operational efficiency 
    • One expert proficient in operations and maintenance

  • Warehouse Layout Optimization: Team leaders defined a dynamic inventory assignment layout

  • Efficient Process Design: Designed an efficient put-away and pick process

  • WMS Integration: Populated part location data into the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage thousands of SKUs 


Exceeding Customer Targets: Successfully unloaded and put away over 100 trailers in the first week. Achieved 8,500 lines picked per day, compared to target of 7,000

Ahead of Schedule: Customer well-prepared to commence shipments ahead of the original schedule.

Management Focus: Customer's management team found itself freed up to focus on the second phase of the project earlier than anticipated.

Request for Additional Support: Customer requested additional team members from PSS to completely replace a competitor in the project.

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