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How Premier Staffing Powered Expansion for a Food Manufacturer

When it comes to staffing in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, every hire counts — especially for organizations navigating a significant expansion. Premier Staffing Solution, a Veteran-Owned business, recently partnered with a Private Equity Company to fuel expansion and transform a food manufacturing facility in Atlanta. Read on to learn how Premier Staffing Solution leveraged our unique staffing approach to fill 39 positions within a week, opening the doors to a third shift, and expanding production capabilities.

The Situation  
A recipe for expansion

Imagine this scenario: A Private Equity Company acquires a food manufacturing and distribution facility and seeks to integrate it into their vast network. The goal? To expand production and meet growing demand. This ambitious venture involved a $15 million plant expansion, complete with a new production line, and the staffing of a third shift. Additionally, every essential support function, from HR to management, needed to be in place. However, traditional staffing firms struggled to meet the client's ambitious goals.

The Solution
Premier Staffing's unique approach

Premier Staffing Solution was chosen to spearhead the staffing efforts for this ambitious expansion. What set Premier apart? Here are the unique services we brought to the table:

  • Dynamic Outreach: Premier Staffing engaged in dynamic outreach through multiple media channels to identify and engage passive candidates, seamlessly ushering them into the screening process.
  • Customized Screening Process: Premier Staffing leveraged its diverse recruiting staff, coupled with subject matter experts, to align with the customer's specific requirements, ensuring that high-quality, high-retention candidates were sourced.
  • Speed Matters: Recognizing the importance of timing, Premier Staffing operated seven days a week. This approach ensured that candidates were captured when they were most actively searching for opportunities - during weekends.
  • Iterative Excellence: Premier Staffing maintained a feedback-driven process, actively involving the customer in routine feedback sessions. This iterative approach allowed for continuous improvement and optimization of the staffing process.
The Situation  
A recipe for expansion

The impact of Premier Staffing's approach made a significant impact, including:

  • Using the Rapid Retention Recruiting (R3) Process, we filled 39 positions within just one week, achieving a 100% staffing rate.
  • In the first seven days, we placed nine individuals in crucial roles, including Material Handlers and Forklift Operators.
  • Within the first 20 days, Premier Staffing's dedicated efforts resulted in the placement of 18 individuals across various positions, including Pack/Stack, Sanitation, Warehouse Management, and Mixer Operations.
  • Notably, the hires achieved an impressive 91% retention rate, ensuring the longevity and success of the expansion.
Premier Staffing Solution helps manufacturing clients meet their staffing goals
As a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business, Premier Staffing Solution understands the dedication and mission-oriented mindset required to accomplish ambitious goals in the industrial staffing and manufacturing landscape. 

Click below to download the full case study: 

Read the Case Study

If you're facing staffing challenges in your manufacturing endeavors, Premier Staffing Solution can help you achieve similar success — schedule a no-pressure consultation here to learn more. 

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