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Time is the Most Valuable Asset & Precious Resource for Your Business: Here's Why

As President of Premier Staffing Solution, I interact with and support hundreds of leaders each year from staff managers to CEOs. Many of our new client entry points are helping them dig out of a bad situation where time has run out. As part of the recovery process, we immediately introduce them to our Fundamental Intrinsic Theorem Manufacturing (FIT MFG) platform. During that introduction, we ask them the most important question: What is the most important resource in your business? “Our people” is almost always their answer.


It’s All About Time

I’ll be the first to agree that your team members are critical to any success and are likely the second most valuable resource, but we have been conditioned to believe the most valuable resource is people; that is simply NOT true. Cornerstone has helped many clients dig out of late projects by supplying additional, capable bodies to complete tasks in the limited time remaining. It costs more money, but far less money than running out of time.

People are a variable resource that businesses can grow and contract as needed, which means people cannot be the most valuable resource. The only remaining resource that is fixed is time. If time is running out, you can’t add on more days, hours, minutes, or even seconds between now and the due date. Whether it’s your personal life, the life of your business, or even the life of a nation, there is only one resource we can’t get back; that resource is time.

Time and FIT MFG

Time is the cornerstone of our infallible FIT MFG platform, which is based on the laws of physics that never change. Time is the single, true unstoppable force in the universe always moving forward. Time is so woven into our daily fabric that we short circuit when posed with the concept of infinity or life without time.

Time is the independent variable used to measure anything and everything of value. For example, the physics concept of work is simply a force applied over a distance which must happen over a period of time. Additionally, mankind uses time as the universal scorekeeper and final tally. Most sporting events allot a certain amount of time in which the score is tallied and once that time runs out, whoever is ahead wins.

The same holds true for businesses. Many sports also gauge success by who performs a task in the quickest amount of time—just ask Usain Bolt. Do you think time matters to Delta Airlines, FedEx, and Walmart? How about companies like Ford, Mercedes, and Boeing? Have you ever missed a big meeting because of a delayed flight? Or missed a start of production (SOP) date? Or even worse, shut down a customer because it took too much time to get a critical machine back up and running?

Time Is the Most Valuable Resource!

People come and people go, then you get new personnel. Money comes and money goes and, if you’re doing things right, more comes than goes. Machines break down and machines get fixed, and eventually old machines get replaced. These are all things that are important to businesses but are also all things that come and go that you can replace and get back. On the other hand, time just goes and goes and goes, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Time is the most valuable resource to your business, so don’t waste it. 

Any exercise intended to produce value must first value time as the most valuable resource. Making sure you have enough resources (and the right resources) and streamlined processes, while also eliminating politics, silos, and bureaucracy, is paramount to driving success.

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