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How Rapid Recruiting Revolutionized Staffing for a Global Auto Manufacturer

In the highly competitive manufacturing sector, having the right workforce is essential for success. Industrial and manufacturing managers recognize that having a proficient workforce isn’t just important — it’s the very lifeblood of their operations. Unfortunately, in today’s marketplace where the demand on manufacturing teams is higher than ever, finding, attracting, and retaining skilled employees can be an uphill battle.

A recent Premier Staffing Solution case study highlights these challenges and the significant impact of rapid retention recruiting for a Tier 1 global auto manufacturer facing sizable staffing gaps.

The Challenge

Addressing high turnover and critical staff shortages

Despite a low regional unemployment rate of 3.4%, the manufacturer struggled with a staggering 120% plant turnover rate, largely due to demanding 12-hour, 6-day workweeks. Despite engaging five traditional staffing firms for over six months, 43 critical positions still remained unfilled, affecting operational efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

The Solution
Rapid Retention Recruiting 

Premier Staffing introduced a comprehensive approach to address the manufacturer's staffing challenges. It included a "boots-on-the-ground" strategy to tap into local talent pools, social media enhancements for employer branding, the utilization of manufacturing databases to identify local talent, and a customized screening process that provided transparency to candidates. Additionally, longevity-based interviews aimed to reduce turnover, and a strong client partnership facilitated communication and labor market analysis.

The Results
Remarkable outcomes
  • In just 48 hours, five positions were filled with zero no-shows
  • After seven days, an impressive 28 positions were filled with a perfect 100% retention rate
  • By the end of 14 days, all 43 open positions were filled, with an impressive 93% retention rate

Additionally, the Tier1 Japanese Auto Manufacturer achieved significant cost savings through the consolidation of staffing firms and streamlined recruitment processes.

Change the Staffing Game

Rapid retention recruiting is a game-changer in manufacturing staffing, and it can change the game in your operations as well. Schedule a call with our recruiting team to learn about leveraging this powerful industrial staffing solution in your organization.

Click below to download the full case study:

Download Case Study

If your organization seeks industrial or manufacturing staffing solutions that deliver quick, high-quality results, Premier Staffing Solution can help. Schedule a call with our staffing professionals today.

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