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Rapid Retention Recruiting: Transforming Industrial and Manufacturing Staffing

Staffing challenges can have far-reaching consequences in the manufacturing and industrial industries. When a prominent Commercial HVAC/Manufacturing company found itself grappling with critical managerial vacancies, it quickly realized the staffing gaps were severely hindering the company’s growth prospect. Read on to see how Premier Staffing Solution implemented rapid retention recruiting to resolve this issue. 

The Situation
Stalling Growth and Supply Chain Woes

Our client, a Commercial HVAC/Manufacturing company, found itself struggling with limited growth. The organization was grappling with critical vacancies in key managerial roles that included Category Managers, Buyer/Planners, Senior Directors, SIOP (Sale, Inventory, Ops, Purchasing) specialists, and SQDE (Supplier Quality Development Engineer) professionals. These subject matter experts were vital to the company's supply chain operations, and their absence was hindering throughput.

Furthermore, the company's plant expansion efforts were grinding to a halt due to the inability to keep up with customer demands. Supply chain issues were exacerbating the situation, and the need for fast resolution was paramount.

The Solution
A tailored approach to staffing

Premier Staffing Solution (PSS) stepped in with an exclusive relationship that paved the way for a comprehensive solution. Our strategy included: 

  • Identifying the ideal candidate profile 
  • Implementing Rapid Retention Recruiting (R3) to screen and eliminate potential candidates
  • Iterative process to continually refine the search
  • Process improvement beyond staffing to help client realign internal processes for better future outcomes
The Results
Transforming the landscape

The results of this collaboration were nothing short of transformative:

  • Quick and Quality Fills - PSS achieved a remarkable feat, placing 90% of the client's staffing requests within just 4 weeks, swiftly addressing the critical managerial vacancies.
  • Enhanced Partnership - What began in the Milwaukee plant soon extended to multiple plants throughout the United States. PSS's exceptional performance paved the way for growth plans with the client in 2023.
  • Cost Savings - PSS's supply chain expert worked closely with the company to streamline operations. This collaborative effort resulted in the identification of potential savings of up to $500,000, further enhancing the company's profitability and competitiveness.

When the right talent is swiftly identified and placed in key roles, growth barriers can be shattered, supply chains can flourish, and significant cost savings can be realized. 

Read the Case Study

If your organization seeks industrial or manufacturing staffing solutions that deliver quick, high-quality results, Premier Staffing Solution can help. Schedule a call with our staffing professionals today.

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