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Case Study:  Contingent Staffing Solutions During Labor Shortages & Disputes


In recent years, labor disputes have become more than a trend; they've become a phenomenon. According to a report released by Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, over 453,000 workers have been involved in labor disputes in 2023 alone — more than double all of 2022.

In this time marked by labor shortages and organized labor disputes, Premier Staffing Solution has consistently proven itself as the go-to partner for OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers. Leveraging our deep manufacturing and supply chain expertise, Premier excels at providing emergency staffing solutions to a diverse range of clients to offset the potential impact of labor disputes within a facility. 

Take a look at Premier's most recent case study in contingent staffing. Delve into how we can be your support partner in boosting your strategy for workforce contingency planning.

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Premier Staffing Solution, Your Expert in Crisis Management and Workforce Stability
The advantages of engaging with Premier
One recent example of our proficiency in helping clients avert staff shortages due to labor disputes was successfully deploying over 700 associates across multiple states in just five days to assist two OEMs in navigating significant workforce disruptions. 

As a leading and experienced workforce disruption staffing agency, Premier understands that response time is everything. A delayed response can lead to substantial financial losses and damage a company's reputation; this is where Premier Staffing Solution's expertise becomes invaluable. We quickly tapped into our screened and vetted candidate network to rapidly deploy qualified associates with the skills needed to minimize workforce disruption at our client's operations.

For companies that have experienced the pain of a shutdown or slowdown due to workforce disruptions as a result of a labor dispute, the importance of having a contingency plan cannot be overstated. Such a plan is a crucial part of your overall risk management strategy. A trusted partnership with a proven experienced labor dispute staffing agency equips your business with the resources needed to scale up your operation quickly with a skilled emergency workforce; this is paramount when mitigating both expected and unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

Premier's Innovative Solutions Tackle Workforce Disruptions
Providing effective contingency plans for seamless business continuity

Premier specializes in emergency staffing services based on labor disputes and disruption, offering you a rapid and effective alternative that ensures the smooth continuity of your entire value chain. Our leadership team has extensive experience managing manufacturing and supply chain businesses during similar challenging circumstances. You can rely on us to support your labor dispute staffing needs and ensure your operations remain resilient despite workforce disruptions.

At Premier Staffing Solutions, your operational continuity is our top priority. Don't wait for the next workforce disruption to occur; schedule a meeting or consultation with us today, and let's discuss how Premier Staffing Solution can fortify your contingency planning strategy.

Take a look at Premier's most recent case study in emergency staffing. 

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Premier Staffing is your partner for workforce contingency planning. Contact Us to get started.

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